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10 Ways to Engage Your Students


Have you ever wondered how you can better engage your students in the classroom?

Active learning in the classroom promotes critical and creative thinking, and educators are continuing to provide opportunities for new generations of students to interact with course material using technology that is relevant to them.

We took a peek into a virtual 5th grade science class to get a close-up view of how to teach a class on volcanoes using our best-selling AQUOS BOARD interactive display system. What we saw were an array of interactive features that make this the perfect fit for students and teachers alike.

In this webinar, Sharp joins Ms. Barbara Mikrut in a virtual science class as she teaches her class about volcanoes using the Sharp AQUOS BOARD display. You'll be amazed at how it can be used in a variety of ways, including to seamlessly:

  • Take notes, illustrate and highlight important concepts
  • Display video using stop action with annotations
  • Scan homework assignments to the board
  • Make prints for each student
  • And much more!