If you wish to view the User's Manual on your PC, download it from this machine.
If the machine is not connected to the network, you cannot download the User's Manual. For more information, consult a network administrator.


  1. Start the Web browser on the PC, and enter the IP address of the machine

    Check the IP address of the machine with the network administrator.

    • Recommended Web browser
      Internet Explorer: 6 or later
      Firefox: 3.6 or later
      Safari: 4.0 or later
    • Depending on the machine settings, user authentication may be required to display the setting mode (Web version). For password and other information required for user authentication, contact the machine administrator.
  2. Click [Operation Manual Download] on the menu

  3. Select the language you wish to download

  4. Click the [Download] button

  5. Expand the "User's Manual" you have downloaded in step 4

    If you use Windows, right-click the downloaded "User's Manual", and select [Expand All] from the menu.
    If [Expand All] does not appear in the menu, use any zip application to expand the "User's Manual".
    If you use Macintosh, double-click the "User's Manual".
  6. Follow the instructions that appear in the Deployment Wizard to expand the "User's Manual"

  7. Open the "User's Manual" folder

  8. Double click "index (.htm)"

    "User's Manual" appears.
    Depending on your Web browser, a warning message may appear in the information bar or dialog box to indicate that your Web browser has restricted viewing of this file to help protect security.
    In this case, release the restricted viewing of your Web browser. The "User's Manual" is not properly displayed unless you release the restriction.
    For more information, please refer to your Web browser's help file or consult your Web browser manufacturer.
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