Enter your user number (5 to 8 digits) using the numeric keys.
Each entered digit will be displayed as "".
Tap the [OK] key.
If the entered user number is authenticated, the number of remaining pages that the user can copy or scan is displayed.
When a limitation is set for the number of pages that a user can use, the use count for the user that has logged in is displayed.
  • To limit the number of pages that a user can use:
    In "Setting mode", select [User Control] → [Page Limit Group List].
  • To hide the number of pages that can be used after login:
    In "Setting mode", disable [User Control] → [Default Settings] → [Display Usage Status after Login].
  • To change the message display time:
    In "Setting mode", select [System Settings] → [Operation Settings] → [Message Time Setting].
When the user number is an 8-digit number, this step is not necessary. Login takes place automatically after the user number is entered.
When you have finished using the machine and are ready to log out, tap [Logout].