Pull out the paper tray.
Gently pull the tray out until it stops.
To load paper, go to step 3. To load a different size of paper, go to the next step.
Keep holding the handle until the lock is released.
Adjust guide plates A and B by squeezing their lock levers and sliding them to match the longitudinal and transversal dimensions of the paper to be loaded.
The guide plates A and B are slidable. Slide each guide plate while squeezing its lock lever to adjust to the paper size.
Insert the paper into the tray.
Load the paper with the print side facing up. The stack must not be higher than the indicator line (maximum of 500 sheets).
Fan the paper well before loading it. If the paper is not fanned, multiple sheets may feed at once and cause a misfeed.
Gently push the paper tray into the machine.
Push the tray firmly all the way into the machine.