Open the bypass tray.
Do not place heavy objects on the bypass tray or press down on the tray.
When loading paper larger than 8-1/2" x 11"R or A4R, pull out the bypass tray extension.
Pull the bypass tray extension all the way out.
If the bypass tray extension is not pulled all the way out, the size of the loaded paper will not be correctly displayed.
Set the bypass tray guides to the width of the paper.
Load the paper with the print side facing down.
Insert the paper along the bypass tray guides all the way into the bypass tray until it stops.
For "Letter Head" and "Pre-Printed", set the paper with the print side up. However, when [Disabling of Duplex] is enabled, set the print side in the same orientation as in the regular mode (facing down).
  • Do not force the paper in.
  • If the bypass tray guides are set wider than the paper, move the bypass tray guides in until they correctly fit the width of the paper. If the bypass guides are set too wide, the paper may skew or be creased.