Before you can use the remote operation function, the following preparation is required.
  • In "Setting mode", select [System Settings] → [Operation Settings] → [Remote Operation Settings] → [Remote Software Operation] and select [Allow] for [Operational Authority].
  • Connect the machine to the network.
  • Install a VNC application software (recommended VNC software: RealIVNC) in your computer.
After the preparation is completed, follow the operation described below to set up the function.
Example: RealVNC
< 4 steps in all >
Start the VNC viewer.
Enter the IP address of the machine in the "Server" entry box.
Check with the administrator of the machine for its IP address.
Click the [OK] button.
Follow the prompts on the operation panel of the machine to permit the connection.
When the machine is connected to a VNC application software, appears on the system bar of the machine's touch panel.
If you wish to disconnect, exit the VNC application software or tap .
Use the operation panel in the same way as you would on the machine. However, you cannot enter values in series by continuously clicking the key.
To set the operational authority for the remote operation function:
In "Setting mode", select [System Settings] → [Operation Settings] → [Remote Operation Settings].