The meaning of each job icon and message displayed in "Status" is as follows:

Icons indicating the job type
Print job (RGB/CMYK) Copy job
Scan to E-mail job Scan to FTP job
Scan to Network Folder job Scan to Desktop job
Fax transmission job Fax reception job
PC-Fax transmission job Internet fax transmission job (Including Direct SMTP)
PC-I-Fax transmission job Scan to HDD file print job
Internet fax reception job (Including Direct SMTP) Broadcast job* Inbound routing job
Tandem copy/print job Reprinting of multiple files (as grouped into a single file)
OSA scan job
* This appears in a multi-mode broadcast job.

Messages displayed in "Status"
Job in progress
Display Status
"Printing" Print job in progress
"Copying" Copy job in progress
"Connecting" Connecting
"Sending" Sending
"Receiving" Receiving
"Tel" Speaking with the other party using an extension telephone
"Stopped" The job has been stopped.
"FAST communications in progress" FAST communications in progress
"Toner empty" Toner Empty
"Paper empty" Paper Empty
"Paper jam" Paper jam
"Waiting" Waiting
"Warming up" Warming up
"Limit" Having reached the account limit
"Error" An error occurred while the job was being executed.

Reserved job
Display Status
"Waiting" The job is waiting to be executed.
"Retry Mode" The job is being retried due to a communication error or other problem.
"Waiting for confirmation of the transmission" Waiting for confirmation of Internet fax transmission
A day and time is displayed Timer transmission job (the specified time is displayed)

Completed job
Display Status
"OK" Normal termination
"Send OK" Transmission was completed.
[In Memory]
  • Reception completed but the fax has not been printed.
  • The received data (each page) has not been printed or forwarded. (The received data has not been deleted.)
  • Printed received fax data.
  • The fax has been received.
  • The received data (each file) was stored.
"Forward OK" The received data/received data (each file) has been forwarded.
"FAST communications in progress" FAST communications in progress
"Stopped" The job was stopped.
"Delete" Deleted received data in the image check screen.
"Number of successful transmission destinations/Total destinations OK" Completion of a broadcast transmission, serial polling, or inbound routing operation.
If transmission to 3 destinations was successful out of a total of 5, "003/005 OK" will appear.
"No response" An error occurred because there was no response from the destination.
"Busy" An error occurred because the other party was busy.
"OK REPORT" A "Successful reception" reply received
"NG REPORT" A "Delivery error" reply received
"NO REPORT" Delivery Confirmation Receive Timeout
"E-mail received" E-mail other than Internet fax received
"Rejected" A fax was sent from a party that has been blocked by the anti junk fax function.
"NGxxxxxx" Transmission/reception was not successful because a communication error occurred (a 6-digit error code appears in xxxxxx.)
"Error" An error occurred while the job was being executed.