Select the color mode from Auto, Full Color, Black & White, 2 Color, and Single Color.
2 Color
The original is copied in two colors by changing a specific color used in the original to another color. If red is set to a specific color, reddish parts in an original are extracted, and changed to the specified color to make a copy.
Single Color
The original is copied in any one color regardless of the colors used in the original.
If any color mode is selected, copying takes place in black and white when you tap the [B/W Start] key.
  • To change the default color mode:
    In "Setting mode", select [System Settings] → [Copy Settings] → [Initial Status Settings] → [Color Mode].
  • To change the standard to detect Black & White and Color:
    In "Setting mode", select [System Settings] → [Device Control] → [Detect Standard in Auto Color Mode].
    When the color mode is set to auto in copy mode, the discrimination point for detecting whether originals are color or black and white can be set to one of 5 levels. When set to [Closer to B/W], the originals are easier to recognize as black and white. When set to [Closer color], the originals are easier to recognize as color.