This function divides the originals into sets and feeds each set through the automatic document feeder one set at a time when copying a very large number of originals.
Use this function when you wish to copy all of the originals as a single job but the number of originals exceeds the maximum number that can be inserted.
This function is convenient when you wish to sort copies of a large number of originals into multiple sets. Because all originals are copied as a single job, you are saved the trouble of sorting the copies that would be required if the originals were divided into separate copy jobs.
When scanning originals in sets, divide the sheets so that no set has more than the number of paper that can be loaded, and then scan from the set with the first page.
The individual copy settings can be configured for each set of originals to be scanned separately.
  • The Job Build mode must be specified before scanning the original.
  • If the Quick File Folder of document filing mode is full, copying in job build mode will be impeded. Delete unnecessary files from the Quick File Folder.
The Job Build mode cannot be combined with other functions.
  • Dual Page Copy
  • Book Copy
  • Card shot
  • Multi-Page Enlargement
  • Repeat layout