This function prints information such as the date or stamp, which is not shown on the original, on copies. You can print the following five types of information.
  • Date
  • Page number
  • Stamp
  • Text
  • Watermark
For the stamp or watermark, you can print text such as "CONFIDENTIAL" or "PRIORITY". You can print pre-set text or any characters as the text.
Each of the items above can be printed on the header or footer of each sheet.
  • If the selected stamp content of one position overlaps the stamp content of another position, priority will be given in the following order: watermark, right side, left side, center. Content that is hidden due to overlapping will not be printed.
  • Text will be printed at the preset size regardless of the copy ratio or paper size setting.
  • Text will be printed at the preset exposure regardless of the exposure setting.
  • Depending on the size of the paper, some printed content may be cut off or shifted out of position.
When [Stamp] is combined with other functions:
Combined function name Resulting copies
Margin Shift Together with the image, the stamp content is shifted the amount of the margin width.
Tab Copy
Unlike a copy image that moves, the image will be printed in the position set in the stamp.
Dual Page Copy
Card Shot
Stamp items are printed for each copy sheet.
2in1 Stamp items are printed for each original page.
Pamphlet Copy
Book Copy
Stamp items are printed for each page when compiling.
Covers/Inserts Use the stamp settings to select whether or not the item is printed on inserted covers and inserts.