Staple function
The staple function staples the output. To create materials with a more sophisticated appearance, the staple function can be used in combination with 2-sided printing.

This function saves considerable time when preparing handouts for a meeting or other stapled materials.
The stapling positions and the number of staples can be selected to obtain the following stapling results.
Staple Left Right Top
1 Staple*
2 Staples
* The staple orientation ("" or "") varies depending on the size and orientation of the paper.
Punch function
The punch function punches holes in the output. The punch hole positions are set by selecting the binding edge.
Left Right Top
  • A finisher or saddle finisher is required to use the staple function.
  • To use the punch function, install a punch module in the finisher or saddle finisher.
  • For the maximum number of sheets that can be stapled, see "SPECIFICATIONS" in the Quick Start Guide.
  • The maximum number of sheets that can be stapled at once includes any covers and/or inserts that are inserted.
  • For information on the saddle stitch function, see "CREATE A STAPLED PAMPHLET (Pamphlet copy/saddle stitch) ".
  • The staple and offset (shifting the position of the paper that is output for each job) functions cannot be used simultaneously.
  • When the finisher is disabled in the machine's settings, the staple function and punch function cannot be used.
  • When the staple function or the punch function is disabled in the machine's settings, stapling or punching is not possible.