When you do not have the printer driver installed on your PC, or when the application used to open a file that you wish to print is not available, you can print directly to the machine without using the printer driver.
The file types (and corresponding extensions) that can be printed directly are shown below.
File Type TIFF JPEG PCL PDF/Encrypt PDF/High Compression PDF PS XPS
Extension tiff, tif jpeg, jpg, jpe, jfif pcl pdf ps xps
  • Even if the print result is black and white, the following types of print jobs will be counted as 4-color (Y (Yellow), M (Magenta), C (Cyan), and Bk (Black)) print jobs. When you want such jobs to be counted as black and white jobs, select the black and white printing option.
    • When the data is created as color data.
    • When the application treats the data as color data even though the data is black and white.
    • When an image is hidden under a black and white image.
  • Depending on the file type, it may not be possible to print some files in the above table.
  • To print PDF and PS files, the PS3 expansion kit must be installed.
  • To print XPS files, the XPS expansion kit is required.