In the base screen or address book screen, tap the [Global Address Search] key on the action panel.
Tap [Search from] and tap the LDAP server to be used.
  • If an authentication screen for the LDAP server appears, enter your user name and password.
  • If only one LDAP server has been stored, it is not necessary to take step 2. In this case, start from step 3.
After the settings are completed, tap .
Tap of [Item] to select the object to be searched, and tap [Touch to Input Keyword] to enter the initial of destination, then tap the [Start Search] key.
The search results will appear after a brief interval.
How to search
Enter the search characters (maximum of 64 characters). The system will look for names starting with the entered letters.
An asterisk can be used as follows:

XXX : Names beginning with "XXX"
XXX: Names that end with "XXX"
XXX : Names containing "XXX"
AA XX: Names that start with "AA" and end with "XX".

Tap the destination key, and tap to confirm the fax destination.
If no names are found that match the search characters,
tap the [Search Again] key.
To add other destination continuously, tap the address and tap .
  • To check the destination information:
  • Tap the [Confirm Destination Information] key on the action panel, or double tap the destination key. Tap to close the address information screen.