You can have received faxes automatically forwarded to a fax address, Internet fax address, e-mail address, file server address, desktop address, or network folder address. Received data can be forwarded to the specified destinations without being printed.
In setting mode (Web version), you can configure the inbound routing settings for all received data. For the procedure for accessing the setting mode (Web version), see the Quick Start Guide.
The following explanation assumes that the setting mode (Web version) has been accessed with administrator rights.
Whether or not to forward data for each forwarding table can be quickly set. In "Setting mode", select [Application Settings] → [Forward Received Data], and tap [Valid]/[Invalid] on the displayed forwarding table to switch the settings.
  • This function cannot be used for faxes received by confidential reception.
  • When faxes forwarded using this function are printed at the forwarding destination, the date and time of reception cannot be printed on the faxes. ("Receiving Date & Time Print" is disabled.)
  • The received data is not forwarded to a hyperlink destination that is registered in the specified address.