The machine rings and the fax is received.
A beep sounds when reception ends.
Tap the [Others >>] key, and tap the [Memory Box] key.
From the [Confidential] tab, tap the [Check received data list] key on the action panel.
Tap the key of the memory box containing the confidential fax.
"" appears in the keys of memory boxes that have received faxes. The keys of memory boxes that have not received faxes are grayed out and cannot be tapped.
Enter the print passcode using the numeric keys.
As each digit is entered, "-" changes to "*".
Take care to enter the correct print passcode. If you make a mistake, a message will appear and you will return to the entry screen. You can tap the [Cancel] key to return to step 4.
Tap the [Check Image] key to check the document.
To print the document, tap the [Print] key.