Select a destination from a transmission log and resend the data.
The destinations of the most recent 50 transmissions by Scan to E-mail, Internet fax (including Direct SMTP addresses), and/or fax are stored. Select one of these to resend to that destination. The destinations of the FTP/Desktop transmission and Scan to Network Folder are also shown in the transmission log.
The addresses shown in the transmission log can also be stored in an address book. This is convenient when storing an address that was manually entered. However, addresses of the FTP/Desktop transmission cannot be stored from the machine.
  • When a destination for retransmission is selected in the transmission log screen, the mode of the selected destination is automatically selected.
  • The following types of addresses are not stored for resending.
    • One-touch key for a contact or group in which multiple destinations are stored.
    • Broadcasting destinations
    • Destinations transmitted to using a program
  • The user name and password are not stored for security reasons. If a screen requiring you to enter such information appears, enter the information again.