Transmits a fax in Internet Fax mode. This procedure can also be used to perform a direct transmission by Direct SMTP.
  • If the memory becomes full while the originals are being scanned, a message will appear and scanning will stop.
  • When all originals have been scanned, "Job stored." will be displayed together with a job control number. If necessary, use this number to locate the job in the Transaction Report or in the Image Sending Activity Report.
    If the job is a broadcast transmission, this number will also appear in the key of the job in the job status screen. For this reason, it is advisable to make a note of the number so that you can check the result easily.
  • Mail Footer Registration: The specified text is automatically appended to the end of the body text of e-mail. This is convenient when you wish to append pre-set text such as a corporate policy. To enter the text to append, select [Application Settings], [Network Scanner Settings], [Administration Settings] and then [Mail Footer Registration] in "Setting mode". (Administrator rights are required.)
    Enter up to 900 characters. (The appended text is not included in the maximum number of characters that can be entered in the e-mail body.)
    To specify whether or not to append text, select [Application Settings] → [Network Scanner Settings] → [Administration Settings] and then [Add a Footer Automatically to the Mail Message Body] in "Setting mode".
If a default address has been configured using "Setting mode" → [System Settings] → [Image Send Settings] → [Scan Settings] → [Default Address] → [Default Address Setting], the mode cannot be changed, or the destination cannot be changed or added.
To switch to Internet fax mode, tap the [Cancel] key in the touch panel and then perform the transmission procedure.