A file on a computer can be sent via the machine as a fax (PC-I Fax function).
Faxes are sent using the PC-I Fax function in the same way that documents are printed. Select the PC-Fax driver as the printer driver for your computer and then select the Print command in the application. Image data for transmission will be created and sent as an Internet fax.
For the procedures for using this function, see the PC-Fax driver Help.
  • To send an Internet fax using the PC-I-Fax function, the PC-Fax driver must be installed and then updated using the CD-ROM that accompanies the Internet fax expansion kit.
    For more information, see the Software Setup Guide.
  • This function can only be used on a Windows computer.
This function is available for transmission. Internet faxes received on the machine cannot be received to a computer that is connected to the machine.