This function collectively stores various settings as one program. The stored program can be retrieved using an easy operation.
For example, suppose 8-1/2" x 11" (A4) size documents are scanned into a file and sent to each branch office once a month.
  • The same documents are sent to each branch office
  • Each page of a bound document is successively transmitted
  • Smudges on the edges of the documents are erased before transmission
When a job program is not stored When a job program is stored
Enter the address of each branch office.

Select Dual Page Scan.

Specify Erase.

Tap the [Start] key.
Scan and send the original.
Tap the key of a stored program.

Tap the [Start] key.
Scan and send the original.
Considerable time is required to send the documents each month because the above settings must be selected.
In addition, mistakes are occasionally made when selecting the settings.
When a program is stored, settings are selected with ease by simply tapping the key of the program.
In addition, transmission takes place based on the stored settings so there are no chances for mistakes.
To configure a program:
Tap the [Store Program - Set Current Store] key on the action panel that appears when you operate any mode screens.
  • The settings stored in a program will be retained even after the program is used for transmission. The same settings can be used repeatedly for transmission.
  • The following contents cannot be stored in programs:
    • Tapping of the [Speaker] key
    • Custom sizes
    • Card shot
    • Page changes and unspecified erases during preview
    • Metadata Entry
    • Send settings
    • Own Name Select
  • Up to 48 programs can be stored.
  • Up to 500 destinations can be stored in one program.
  • A program in which sub addresses and passcodes are specified as an F-code destination records all sub addresses and passcodes.
This function cannot be used in data entry mode.