Specify a time at which a transmission or broadcast transmission will automatically take place. Transmission begins automatically at the specified time.
This function is helpful when you wish to perform reserved, broadcast or other transmissions during your absence or at night or other times when telephone rates are low.
  • When a timer transmission is set, keep the main power switch in the "" position. If the main power switch is in the "" position at the specified time, transmission will not take place.
  • When performing a timer transmission, you must scan the original into memory when you set up the transmission. It is not possible to leave the document in the document feeder tray or on the document glass and have it scanned at the reserved time of transmission.
  • Up to 94 timer transmissions can be stored at once.
  • Settings selected for a timer transmission (exposure, resolution, and other functions) are automatically cleared after the transmission is finished. (However, when the document filing function is used, the scanned original image and settings are stored in the built-in hard drive.)
  • If another transmission is in progress when the specified time arrives, the timer transmission will begin after that transmission is finished.
  • If a job scheduled for timer transmission is given priority on the job status screen, the timer will be canceled. The transmission will begin as soon as the job in progress is completed.
  • The time can be specified up to a week in advance.
  • After the timer transmission settings are specified, start the transmission in the same way as other functions.
  • A timer transmission can be deleted in the job status screen.