Your sender information (date, time, sender name, sender address, number of pages) is automatically added to the top of the file you transmit.
This function cannot be used in scan mode or data entry mode.
Example of the sender information printed
  1. (1) Date, time: The date and time of transmission.
  2. (2) Sender name: The sender name programmed in the machine.
  3. (3) Source Address
  4. (4) Page numbers: Page number/total pages
  • Storing and setting sender information
    • Date, time: In "Setting mode", select [System Settings] → [Default Settings] → [Clock Adjust].
    • Sender name, sender address: In "Setting mode", select [System Settings] → [Image Send Settings] → [Operation Settings] → [Own Number and Name Set] → [Sender Data Registration]. If you intend to use the I-Fax Own Address Send function, be sure to configure this information.
    • Page numbers: Select whether or not to include page numbers using [System Settings] → [Image Send Settings] → [Internet Fax Settings] → [Send Settings] → [Printing Page Number at Receiver] in "Setting mode".
  • Position of sender information
    • The sender information is printed at the top of the scanned image data. This makes the transmission data longer than the scan size, so it may be reduced or divided onto two pages when printed by the receiving machine.