When data is received, the [Received Data] icon appears at the top of the screen. Tap the icon.
If this message appears while you are configuring settings of any type and you tap the [Received Data] icon, the settings that you are configuring will be canceled.
Tapping the [Received Data] icon while [Received Data Image Check Setting] is disabled displays the confidential reception data file.
Tap the key of the received data you wish to check, and tap the [Image Check] key on the action panel.
If you wish to transfer or save data after selecting the image, also tap the [Image Check] key.
To show thumbnails of the received images, tap the [Thumbnail] key.
  • To delete a received image, tap the [Delete] key on the action panel.
  • To transfer the selected received image, tap the [Forward to Other Destination] key. Specify the destination in the displayed address book screen, and transfer the image.
  • To save the selected received image, tap the [Save Data to Folder] key.
Select an image you wish to print, and tap the [Print] key on the action panel to print the image.
  • [Select All]: Selects all displayed images.
  • [Cancel All]: Cancels all images that have been selected by "Select All".
  • : Use these keys to enlarge or reduce an image.
  • [Rotate CCW]/[Rotate CW]: Rotates an image counterclockwise or clockwise.
A preview image is an image for the touch panel. It will differ from the actual print result.
  • Tap the [Erase Specified Range] key to delete unwanted area of the image. Specify the image area you wish to delete in the Erase Specified Range screen.
  • To forward the selected image, tap the [Forward] key.
  • To save the selected image, tap the [Save to HDD] key.