Tap the [Data Entry] icon on the [Home Screen], and tap the [Metadata Entry] key on the action panel.
If a specific metadata set has been specified as the default set, go to step 3.
If no metadata sets have been stored, Metadata Entry is unavailable. Store metadata set in the setting mode (Web version) before performing transmission.
Tap the key for the desired metadata set.
The keys of the items stored in the metadata set will appear. Tap the key of the item that you wish to enter.
Tap the key of the value that you wish to enter, and tap the [OK] key.
To directly enter the metadata value, tap the [Direct Entry] key. On the soft keyboard screen that appears, tap the [OK] key. You will return to the screen shown in step 3.
After the settings are completed, tap .
To cancel the selection of the metadata value:Tap the [Clear] key.
Configure image or other settings, and perform the scan send procedure.
  • Configure job detail settings and then start transmission using the same operations as in other modes.
  • When directly entering an address, tap [Touch to enter a file name] to display the screen for selecting an address type. If the address type such as E-mail, Internet Fax, Fax, Network Folder, or Direct SMTP is selected, the address type entry screen appears.