To use Document Filing, select the action panel for each mode.
To save data simultaneously with a copy or fax, tap the [File] or [Quick File] key on the action panel in each mode.

To use Document Filing from the beginning, select the action panel in the Document Filing mode. Tap any one of the keys shown at the right to scan and save the original.

[File] key and [Quick File] key
These keys may not appear on the action panel depending on the mode or settings. In this case, tap the [Others>>] key on the base screen in each mode, and then tap the [Quick File] or [File] key.
To change the screen display:
In "Setting mode (Web version)", select [System Settings] → [Operation Settings] → [Favorites Menu].
Using document filing in print mode
To use document filing in print mode, select document filing in the printer driver. For details about document filing, see "SAVING AND USING PRINT FILES (Force retention/document filing)" in "PRINTER".
Using document filing in PC-Fax/PC-I-Fax mode
To use document filing in PC-Fax or PC-I-Fax mode, select document filing settings in the PC-Fax driver. For more information, see Help in the PC-Fax driver.