Select the keys of the multiple files that you wish to print.
  • Confidential files cannot be printed simultaneously with other files.
  • A file in the currently selected folder cannot be selected simultaneously with a file in a different folder.
  • If the job type is changed with the [By Job Display] key or the screen is changed by being tapped while a file is selected, the selection of the file will be canceled.
Tap the [Print] key on the action panel.
When not printing with the number of copies at data saving, tap the [Apply the Number from Stored Setting of Each Job.] checkbox to set to .
When printing with the number of copies at data saving without specifying copies, go to step 5.
Use to specify the number of copies.
As required, directly tap the numeric value display key and change the value using the numeric keys.
To delete the file after printing, tap the [Delete] checkbox to set to .
Tap the [Start] key to start printing.