This is the first and basic setting for operating the machine.
If [System Settings] in "Setting mode" → [Operation Settings] → [Disabling of Clock Adjustment] is enabled, the date and time cannot be set.
Enable daylight saving time.
Item Description
Daylight Saving Time Setting Select whether or not the Daylight Saving Time Setting is enabled. If disabled, the following settings will not be possible.
Select Setting Type Specify whether the starting and ending day of daylight saving time are to be set using the day of the week or the date.
Start Time Set the starting time of daylight saving time. Set the starting month. If you selected "Day of the Week" in "Select Setting Type", set the starting week of daylight saving time and then the starting day. If you selected "Date" in "Select Setting Type", set the starting date. Set the hour and minute and the UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) setting.
Completing Time Set the ending time of daylight saving time in the same way as you set the starting time.
Adjustment Time Set the time to be adjusted when daylight saving time begins.