Settings related to the printer function can be configured.
Performs automatic color correction when the color in color copies is off.
The machine prints a test patch, the test patch is scanned, and the color is automatically corrected.

After the [Execute] key is tapped and a test patch is printed, a message appears prompting you to begin automatic calibration.
Place the test patch on the document glass as shown below (so that the thin line at the edge of the page is to the left).
Lay copy paper (about five sheets) that is the same size as the test patch on top of the placed test patch, gently close the automatic document feeder, and tap the [Execute] key.
  • Before executing Auto Color Calibration, check to see if the registration adjustment is correct.
    If the registration adjustment is not correct, perform "Registration Adjustment."
  • If the color is still off after performing Auto Color Calibration, repeating Auto Color Calibration once again may improve the color.