An external account application can be added and controlled.
Set the server name where you have installed the external accounting application.
Item Description
External Account Control Enable the totalling function by the external accounting application.
If enabled, always enter the application name or Web service address.
Set Authentication Server (Server 1) If the server is set, the external authentication mode is selected. Any access to the MFP is controlled by the application that you set on this page. If set, always enter the application name, application UI address, or Web service address of server 1.
If not set, the external totalling mode is selected.
Enable Image Job Log This item is displayed when you enter a product key of the "Sharp Document Recorder."
Server 1-4 Select a server to enable it.
Application Name Enter an application name.
Application UI Address Enter the URL of the login screen to be accessed first when the machine is turned on.
Web Service Address Enter the URL of the server or computer which sends commands and events by XML/SOAP protocol.
Timeout Enter a timeout. The default setting is 20 seconds.