If you are unable to solve a problem using the solutions in this manual, press the [Power] button and then turn the main power switch to the ""position. Wait at least 10 seconds and then turn the main power switch to the ""position. After the main power indicator color changes from orange to green, press the [POWER] button.
When the background color of the job status display at the upper right corner of the touch panel is not gray, do not switch off the main power switch or unplug the power plug. This may damage the hard drive or cause the data being stored or received to be lost.
Point to check Solution
Is your PC connected correctly to the machine? Make sure that the cable is connected securely to the LAN connector or the USB port of your PC and that of the machine.
If you are connected to a network, make sure that the LAN cable is securely connected to the hub as well.
Is the machine connected to the same network (LAN, etc.) as your PC? The machine must be connected to the same network as your PC.
If you do not know which network the machine is connected to, ask the network administrator.
Is the IP address selected correctly?
Check the IP address setting.
If the machine does not have a permanent IP address (the machine receives an IP address from a DHCP server), printing will not be possible if the IP address changes.
Print the "All Custom Setting List" in the setting mode and check the IP address of the machine. If the IP address has changed, change the port setting for the printer driver.
"Setting mode" → [List Print (User)] → [All Custom Setting List]
See: Software Setup Guide
If the IP address changes frequently, it is recommended that a permanent IP address be assigned to the machine.
"Setting mode" → [Network Settings]
Are you using a printer port created using Standard TCP/IP Port?
(Windows 2000/XP/Server 2003/Vista/Server 2008/7)
Check the PC settings.
When a port created with Standard TCP/IP Port in Windows is used and the [SNMP Status Enabled] checkbox is , it may not be possible to print correctly. Change the [SNMP Status Enabled] checkbox to .
See: Software Setup Guide
Is "Connect via" set to [Ethernet] for AppleTalk?
(Mac OS 9.0-9.2.2)
Open [AppleTalk] from the [Control Panels] and make sure that [Ethernet] is selected in the "Connect via" menu.
Printing is not possible if [Ethernet] is not selected.
Is your computer in an unstable state? Restart your computer.
Printing is sometimes not possible when you run multiple applications at once or there is insufficient memory or hard drive space. Restart your computer.
Is the machine specified correctly in the application that you are using for printing? Check whether the machine's printer driver has been selected from the print window of the application.
If the machine's printer driver does not appear in the list of available printer drivers, it may not be installed correctly. Remove the printer driver and then install it once again.
See: Software Setup Guide
Are the network connection devices operating normally? Make sure that the routers and other network connection devices are operating correctly.
If a device is not powered on or is in an error state, see the manual of the device to correct the problem.
Is the I/O timeout setting too short? Check with your administrator.
If the I/O timeout setting is too short, errors may occur while writing to the printer. Ask the administrator of the machine to configure an appropriate time in "I/O Timeout".
"Setting mode" → [Printer Settings] → [Interface Settings] → [I/O Timeout].
Was a Notice Page printed? Check the Notice Page.
A Notice Page will be printed to indicate the cause of the problem if a print job cannot be performed as specified and the cause is not shown in the display. Read the printed page and take appropriate actions.
For example, a Notice Page will be printed in the following situations.
  • The print job is too large to fit in memory.
  • A function that has been prohibited by the administrator is specified.
By factory default, Notice Pages are not printed.
Have functions been disabled by the administrator? Check with your administrator.
When user authentication is enabled, the functions that you can use may be restricted in your user settings. Check with your administrator.