To read the Operation Guide (PC) on your computer, download it from the machine.
The Operation Guide (PC) cannot be downloaded unless the machine is connected to a network. For the details, please contact the network administrator.
Start the Web browser of a computer on the same network of the machine, and enter the IP address of the machine.
Please contact the network administrator to confirm the IP address of the machine.
The recommended Web browsers are
Internet Explorer: 6 or later
Netscape Navigator: 9
Firefox: 3.6 or later
Safari: 4.1 or later
The Setting mode (Web version) may not be displayed without user authorization depending on settings of the machine. For password and other information required for user authentication, contact the administrator of the machine.

The recommended Flash Player is 8 or later.
Click [Operation Manual Download] in the Web page menu.
Select a language in which you would like to download it.
Click the [Download] button.
Double-click the [MX-xxxx Operation Guide (PC)] icon downloaded in Step 4.