If you are unable to solve a problem using the solutions in this manual, press the [Power] button and then turn the main power switch to the ""position. Wait at least 10 seconds and then turn the main power switch to the ""position. After the main power indicator color changes to green, press the [POWER] button.
When the background color of the job status display at the upper right corner of the touch panel is not gray, do not switch off the main power switch or unplug the power plug. This may damage the hard drive or cause the data being stored or received to be lost.
Point to check Solution
Has the reception mode been set to [Manual Reception] in the setting mode? Set the reception mode to [Auto Reception].
When the reception mode is set to [Manual Reception], the machine will not receive faxes automatically.
"Setting mode" → [System Settings] → [Fax Data Receive/Forward] → [Fax Settings] → [Receive Settings]
Is little free memory remaining? Increase the amount of free memory.
The amount of free memory can be increased by printing faxes received by confidential reception and other password-protected received data, and by deleting data stored in memory boxes.
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