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Synappx Meeting FOR ADMIN

Hardware Installations

Set Up Casting Device

Synappx Meeting works with various casting technology.

  • Barco's wePresent
  • Barco's ClickShare
  • Miracast
  • Google Cast  
    • Chromecast (3rd generation)
    • Chromecast with Google TV

Set Up Casting Devices (wePresent, ClickShare, Miracast, or embedded display wireless interface)

  1. Connect the casting device to a display.
  2. Connect the casting device to LAN.
  3. Open the casting device webpage and configure the IP address and PIN code (the static IP address is required for the wePresent/wireless network card). You can access the device web page by connecting a cable to the casting device or network interface from a PC.
  4. Filtering (Gatekeeper) settings should be set to All pass or Internet only.

Barco ClickShare Client Sender Software

A sender application for the casting device (wePresent and wireless Sharp displays) is required on the user's laptop.

  • Install MirrorOp application on the client/users’ PCs.
  • In a mixed environment, install both MirrorOp applications on the client PC.

The Synappx Meeting client application automatically connects to the casting device via MirrorOp when the meeting is started.

Client Software
  • MirrorOp from Barco (for wePresent external device) (Recommended)
    The PIN number is always asked with this type of MirrorOp software.

Be sure to install the correct version to ensure full functionality of the software and the display.