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Sharp Corporation is a global technology company renowned for its expertise in both B2B and consumer innovation

Built On Innovation

Since our founding in 1912, Sharp Corporation has continuously innovated with original products, from the "Ever-Sharp" mechanical pencils to the world's first LCD electronic calculators. Sharp has always been driven by originality, starting with our founder Tokuji Hayakawa and his spirit of sincerity and creativity. It's the force that still drives us today.

Now, Sharp is an expert in both business to business (B2B) and consumer innovation and continues its commitment to invest in new products and services. In fact, Sharp has been named to Fortune magazine's World's Most Admired Company List, ranking the world's most respected and reputable companies.

We bring to life new solutions that create a new way of living, thinking and being. But it is not the technology that drives us – it is how the technology helps make life better for you and for everyone.

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Proud to celebrate 111 years of innovation

Collage of Sharp locations accross the Americas

Focused on the Americas

Sharp Electronics Corporation in the U.S. & Latin America is part of Sharp Corporation, a global technology company. We aim to help consumers and organizations of all sizes in our region enhance their performance and adapt to the future through innovative home and business products and services.

Sharp Home Electronics Company of America (SHCA) manufactures its premium home appliances in Memphis, TN, together with the sales and marketing, and servicing of home electronics based in Montvale, NJ. Sharp Imaging and Information Company of America (SIICA) markets its business products and solutions through a vast network of independent dealerships and IT resellers as well as its through its direct sales division Sharp Business Systems (SBS). Additionally, Sharp Electronics Corporation, Device Division (SECD) drives innovative LCD components to market and offers high performing products for even the toughest environments.


Social Responsibility

Sharp is committed to being a socially responsible company, conducting its operations with concern for the impact of its activities on its customers, suppliers, employees, communities and other stakeholders, as well as the environment. The company aims for an overall positive impact on society by contributing to the culture, benefits, welfare and quality of life for people throughout the world, for its prosperity as a company is directly linked to the prosperity of the entire Sharp family.

Learn more about Sharp's efforts to benefit society worldwide as well as our Environmental efforts.

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Sharp Electronics Corporation's main office is located in Montvale, NJ with offices around the U.S.

Sharp Electronics Corporation (SEC)
Montvale, NJ

Montvale NJ location

SEC Latin American Group
Miami Lakes, FL

Miami Laked FL location

Sharp Manufacturing Company of America
Memphis, TN

Memphis TN location

Sharp Electronics Corporation, Device Division (SECD)
Vancouver, WA

Vancouver WA location

Sharp Business Systems (SBS)
Branches across the U.S.

Sharp Business Systems location logo