Tap the [2-Sided Copy] key, and select the type of 2-sided copy.
To make 2-sided copies, configure the 2-sided copy settings before scanning the original.
After the settings are completed, tap .
To make 2-sided copies of a 1-sided portrait original placed horizontally, or to invert the reverse side with respect to the front side when copying a 2-sided original, set the [Rotate back face 180 deg] checkbox to .
Place the original in the automatic document feeder, and tap the [Preview] key.
Make sure that the desired paper (tray) and color mode are selected.
Depending on the size of the placed original, there may be cases where the same size of paper as the original is not selected automatically. In this event, change the paper size manually.
Tap the [Color Start] or [B/W Start] key to start copying.
When making only one set of copies, you do not need to specify the number of copies.
To make two or more sets of copies:
Tap the copies display key to specify the number of copies.