Place the original.
According to the function stored in the program, place the original in the document feeder tray of the automatic document feeder, or on the document glass.
  • Tap [Call Program] key on the action panel.
    Tap the desired program key.
    Configure additional settings.
    For the called program, additionally configure the following settings:
    • Image settings: Original scan size
    • Send size
    • Others: Timer Transmission, Card Shot, File, Quick File, Own Name Select, Transaction Report
    The setting stored in the program cannot be additionally specified.
    Tap the [Start] key to start scanning of the original.
    Tap the [Preview] key to check the preview of an image before sending a fax. For more information, see "CHECKING THE IMAGE TO BE TRANSMITTED".
    • A beep will sound to indicate that scanning and transmission have ended.
    • If you placed the original on the document glass, scan each page one at a time.
    • When scanning finishes, place the next original and tap the [Start] key. Repeat the procedure until all pages have been scanned and then tap the [Read-End] key.