Tap the [Address Book] key.
Tap the one-touch key of contact or group that has a destination.
  • When the one-touch key is tapped, the contact or group appears enlarged at the top of the list.
  • The destinations displayed on the list can be narrowed with categories, job types, indexes, and keywords.
For more information, see "ADDRESS BOOK SCREEN".
Tap the one-touch key, and tap to confirm the fax destination.
  • If you want to add a destination, tap the other one-touch key, and tap .
  • If two or more destinations are selected or specified, the total number of addresses appears next to .
  • Even if only a single destination is selected, the number of addresses appears when the destination is a contact or group in which multiple addresses are stored.
If you select an incorrect destination:
Tap the key again to cancel the selection.
  • Double-tap the one-touch key, or tap the [Show Details] on the action panel to display the detailed information screen.
  • The destination for transmission can be selected by tapping a stored destination.