Place the original and tap the [Call Program] key on the action panel.
According to the function stored in the program, place the original in the document feeder tray of the automatic document feeder, or on the document glass.
Tap the desired program key.
Configure additional settings.
For the called program, additionally configure the following settings:
  • Image settings: Scan Size
  • Send Size, File Format, Color Mode
  • Send settings
  • Others: Timer Transmission, Card Shot, File, Quick File, Transaction Report
When stored in the program, this cannot be additionally specified.
Tap the [Start] key to start scanning of the original.
Tap the [Preview] key to check the preview of an image before sending a fax. For more information, see "CHECKING THE IMAGE TO BE TRANSMITTED".
  • A beep will sound to indicate that scanning and transmission have ended.
  • If you placed the original on the document glass, scan each page one at a time.
    When scanning finishes, place the next original and tap the [Start] key.
    Repeat until all pages have been scanned and then tap the [Read-End] key.