To see Operation Guide (built-in), tap the Help icon on the home screen.
Download the Operation Guide (PC) from the machine.

Symbol of Setting mode (for administrator)
The machine has a "Setting mode" for an administrator to register the default value, etc. of each function. If it is necessary to adjust the Setting mode to use the machine, usage instructions are as follows:
To set Rotation Copy:
In "Setting mode", select [System Settings] → [Copy Settings] → [Job Detail Settings] → [Rotation Copy Setting].

To edit Home Screen List:
In "Setting mode (Web version)", select [User Control] → [Favorite Operation Group List] → [Home Screen List].
The above descriptions show the sequences to tap or click items to be selected in the "Setting mode" and the "Setting mode (Web version)". For "Setting mode" and "Setting mode (Web version)", refer to the following item:
  • "SETTING MODE" in "Operation Guide (PC)"
The Operation Guide (PC) also explains about the Printer Mode used to operate the machine with a computer and the Setting mode for the administrator.
To read the Operation Guide (PC) on your computer, download it from the machine. For more information, see "OPERATION GUIDE (PC) DOWNLOAD".

Manual description
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  • This guide covers explanations of screens and procedures in a Macintosh environment based on Mac OS X 10.4 in the case of Mac OS X. The screen may vary depending on the version of the operating system or application being used.
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  • The peripheral devices are generally optional, however, some models include certain peripheral devices as standard equipment.
  • This guide explains the MX-4110N with a stand/2x500 sheet paper drawer. For some functions and procedures, the explanations assume that devices other than the above are installed.
  • The specifications and descriptions may vary depending on the type of machine and the area in which the machine is used.