First, tap the [Fax] icon on the home screen to enter fax mode.
1 Place the original.
Place the original in the document feeder tray of the automatic document feeder, or on the document glass.
2. Enter the destination fax number.
Tap an address key to enter the destination number directly, or search the address book or number.
3. Configure the scan settings.
Specify the original scan size, exposure, resolution, etc.
If necessary, you can refer to the following functions for the setting. For settings other than above, see the contents of fax.
4. Set Others.
Use Others other than the time when using scan settings such as sending two pages as a single page or sending originals of different sizes at the same time.
5. Send the original.
Tap the [Start] key.
You can check the preview image by tapping the [Preview] key before tapping the [Start] key.
Before starting fax transmission, tap the [File] key or [Quick File] key on the action panel to save the scanned original as data.
When the original is placed on the document glass:
  • When sending a fax normally (memory transmission)
    Repeat the procedure to place and send the originals the same number of times as there are originals. After scanning all the originals, tap the [Read-End] key.
  • When sending a fax in direct transmission mode
    Multiple originals cannot be scanned in direct transmission mode. Tap the [Start] key to start transmission.