Send the same scanned image to multiple scan, Internet fax, and fax mode destinations in a single operation.
Up to 500 destinations can be sent in one broadcast operation.
It is convenient to store destinations you frequently use for broadcast transmission as contacts or groups.
A maximum of 500 destinations can be stored in one contact. For broadcast transmission, the contact or group key can be simply tapped to retrieve multiple fax numbers.
You can also send faxes with the one-touch key by setting the [Set to the address as usually used] checkbox to when addresses are registered. If you wish to temporarily remove a destination from the stored addresses, open the detail confirmation screen and remove the destination in the screen.
A transmission is performed, ignoring hyperlinks with Scan to FTP and Scan to Network Folder addresses.
  • If the original is color and the color mode is set to "Full Color", the original is sent in Mono2 to Internet fax or fax mode destinations. A long original is also sent in Mono2.
  • If you wish to send the same image as fax to all destinations, tap the [Send Same Image as Fax Address] key on the action panel.
To register destinations in a contact or group:
In the base screen or address book screen, tap the [Register/Edit Address] key on the action panel, or tap the [Register/Edit Address in Address Book] icon in the home screen. For more information, see "STORING CONTACTS" or "STORING GROUPS".