Place the original on the document glass.
Align the center of the original with the appropriate size mark .
Specify the destination.
Tap the [Others >>] key, and tap the [Dual Page Scan] key.
A checkmark appears on the icon.
After the settings are completed, tap the [<< Back] key.
To cancel the Dual Page Scan setting:
Tap the [Dual Page Scan] key to clear the checkmark.
Tap the [Start] key to start scanning of the original.
Tap the [Preview] key to check the preview of an image before sending a fax. For more information, see "CHECKING THE IMAGE TO BE TRANSMITTED". However, settings for this function cannot be changed in the preview screen.
When scanning finishes, place the next original and tap the [Start] key.
Repeat until all pages have been scanned and then tap the [Read-End] key.
A beep will sound to indicate that transmission has ended.