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Encourage Communication and Collaboration

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Today's tech-savvy students and teachers thrive in collaborative environments. To encourage student engagement, classrooms need technology that can keep up. Sharp can help promote communication and encourage learning from anywhere with collaboration and digital displays.

Interactive whiteboards designed for classroom collaboration

Looking for a powerful, yet affordable solution to make your classrooms interactive? The TAA compliant Sharp 4T-B70CT1U AQUOS BOARD collaboration display provides all the essentials for collaborative learning at an affordable price. Includes a TV digital tuner for over-the-air television broadcast reception.

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Teacher at Sharp 4T-B70CT1U AQUOS BOARD collaboration display showing student where States are located on a map
Image of a woman in front of a Windows collaboration display from Sharp (WCD) presenting to a group of people sitting around a conference table

All-in-one display for plug-and-play presentations

Lecture halls have a steady stream of professors and students trying to connect to a display to share presentations and lessons. The Windows collaboration display from Sharp (WCD) has a single cord to plug your laptop or mobile phone to begin displaying any type of file. Plus, built-in wireless casting can connect up to five devices simultaneously.

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Digital displays for large classrooms or wayfinding

Do you often have important messaging to communicate with school visitors, staff and students such as upcoming holidays, safety information or bus schedules? Or is your classroom or lecture hall so large that you may need larger screens at the front and back of the room?

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Image of a large five by five video wall display in a lecture hall auditorium showing a presentation on Coral Reefs. On both sides of the five by five video wall there are one by three video walls displaying additional coral reef presenation content
Image of a doctor presenting in front of a commercial display showing x-ray images of the human brain and side profile images of the inside of the human head anatomy

Displays for teamwork and collaboration spaces

Fluid and flexible learning spaces include a variety of defined areas to support individual, 1-to-1 and small group learning. These smaller spaces need displays suitable to the room's size to create optimal collaboration experiences for learning.

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