White Papers

The Evolving Cybersecurity Threat for SMBs and How MSPs Can Mitigate the Risk

Organizations of all sizes are transforming to better serve their customers in a digital economy, distributing applications to public clouds to increase agility. Unfortunately, this has also created more complex IT environments. Organizations, or more specifically SMBs, recognize the need to invest in better solutions to protect them from attacks. But who can they turn to for help?

Creating the Perfect Meeting Environment

IoT sensors and smart building management can improve collaboration and wellness in meetings. In this white paper, learn how environmental conditions can impact the way we work.

Planning for Bandwidth in Interactive Whiteboard Projects

Interactive whiteboards can foster collaboration, increase learning and boost productivity, but without the right planning they can't deliver on their promise.

Choosing the Right Smart Signage Solutions for Digital Signage

Digital signage is now easier and more affordable to design, deploy and maintain. This white paper shows how it's done without separate media players.

The New Game-Changing Interactive Digital Displays

Learn how next-generation interactive digital displays are offering new features and seamless integration into existing technology platforms.

Automation and the Sharp Pro Series

An InfoTrends White Paper

Sharp's Pro Color Series Color Document Systems, introduced in September of 2013, is made up of two models: the 75 ppm MX-7500N and the 65 ppm MX-6500N. This white paper describes the systems' ability to produce a full-bleed color booklet with a single knife trim, its user-friendly front-end system, its reliable paper-feed system, and its very compact footprint.

MICAS White Paper

The MICAS white paper provides an overview of the MICAS service, Sharp's cloud-based service application for multi-function products (MFPs).

Sourcewell - Your Guide to Sourcing Success

See how Sourcewell is able to provide contracts that focus on getting agencies what they want and deserve by providing a network of credible vendors and high quality contract solutions.