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Supporting Active Learning with Interactive Displays

Supporting Active Learning with Interactive Displays

Employers today seek critical thinkers and creative problem solvers, which is why K-12 education is shifting towards a more hands-on and collaborative approach. While direct instruction still has its place, teachers are increasingly encouraging students to take an active role in their learning.

To support this interactive and collaborative learning style, interactive displays have emerged as valuable tools. These displays enable easy navigation of applications, digital content editing and annotation, image manipulation, idea brainstorming, and information sharing and saving. With multi-touch capability, groups of students can collaborate by interacting with the same file on the display.

In interviews with eSchool News, educational technology experts highlighted the advantages of interactive displays as instructional tools. They emphasized features such as brighter and crisper images without the need for calibration or maintenance, making them superior to projectors and whiteboards.

When selecting an interactive display for the classroom, flexibility, versatility, and ease of use are key considerations. Educators and students should be able to connect any device instantly, without interrupting instruction or requiring additional software or equipment. The interactivity should be responsive and user-friendly, facilitating seamless sharing and collaboration.

With proper training and mentoring, interactive displays can become powerful tools for supporting active and collaborative learning. By encouraging students to be active participants in their education, interactive displays contribute to a more engaging and effective learning environment.

"We aimed to involve students actively in their learning by getting them out of their seats," concludes Swinchock. "The interactive displays provided the perfect solution."

Read the full white paper to discover the potential of interactive displays in fostering active and collaborative learning.