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Synappx Brandmark

Connect Technology, Drive Collaboration

Synappx is the engine behind the Simply Smarter Workplace providing one platform for users and IT administrators to accelerate collaboration, simplify workflows, and increase security, delivering innovative solutions that increase efficiency of office resources, user productivity and IT admin control.

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Synappx Go

Productivity Wherever You Go!

Synappx Go improves the user work experience connecting Sharp devices making ease of use for users and security for IT top of mind. With features for collaboration and print functions all in one application, users benefit from a single interface that requires no cables for starting and hosting meetings and the ability to easily print, scan, and copy from multifunction printers (MFPs). IT administrators have the capability to customize collaboration and document security while keeping a productive environment.

For MFPs

Synappx Go provides users with an intuitive mobile application to copy, scan and print easily. Tap the NFC tag or scan the QR code without having to touch the MFP!

For Collaboration

Synappx Go helps streamline meeting experiences with the simplicity of scan/tap to start their meetings and watch as the meeting starts and connects automatically to audio and video, instantly connecting both audiences.

Synappx Manage New

Simply Smarter Management

A cloud-based monitoring and management platform for your Sharp MFPs and displays. Its remote and automated remediation features help improve response time, eliminating unnecessary investigation and minimizing impact on business operations. 

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Synappx-ready Systems

Accelerate Team Performance

Synappx-ready Systems, including the AQUOS BOARD® collaboration display and multifunction printer family products, amplify key mobility, collaboration and analytics features of the Synappx applications to drive overall employee engagement and productivity.