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Synappx Go helps to bridge the gap between in-office and remote employees and makes hosting meetings and sharing content for users and IT administrators easier.

Users can enjoy the simplicity of scanning a QR code or tapping the NFC tag to start a meeting, connect automatically to the in-room camera and audio, and instantly to remote and on-site audiences.

The intuitive app allows users to control the web conference and share files from their cloud storage services with all attendees. IT administrators will have peace of mind knowing they can restrict access to the in-room PC and Windows features to prevent a data breach or security incident.

Mobile-Driven Hybrid Meeting

Dynamic Collaboration Spaces

  • Mobile first, no laptop dependency
  • Works with Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Meet, and GoToConnect

Leave No One Behind

  • Instantly connect with all audiences
  • Dynamically share content with attendees

Simplifed Meetings

  • Tap to start (no login required)
  • Meeting control at your fingertips

Mobile Experience

Mobile phone with Synappx icon to tap to start a meeting

Starting the Meeting

Instantly engage with audiences and establish connections.  

  • One tap to start your scheduled meeting or ad hoc meetings

  • Your web conference automatically opens and begins a meeting room display

  • Automatically connect to in-room audio and camera

Mobile phone with Synappx controls

During the Meeting

Share, control, and present with ease from the comfort of your phone.

  • Easily control the web conference including the microphone, camera, and screen share from the Synappx mobile app

  • Share your files from your cloud storage (Microsoft Teams, OneDrive, Google Drive, etc.)

  • Access invite attachments, web pages, files from email or texts

  • Share and control content right from your mobile phone

  • Open and close pop-ups/browsers, control video playback (ie. YouTube) and more with the trackpad feature (beta).

Tapping End on Mobile phone with Synappx controls

Ending the Meeting

No need to worry about disconnecting, one tap and Synappx does it for you.

  • End web conference session

  • Close shared content

  • Bring the input back to default (if configured)

  • The room will reset to its original state deleting files created and browser history (when configured)

Laptop Experience

Focus on the Meeting, Not Technology

Auto-start meeting on time with one click

Auto mirror your PC

Auto-connect web conference such as Zoom meeting or Microsoft® Teams meeting

Whether it is a scheduled or ad-hoc meeting, you can start it with one click, connecting all components you need for the meeting. You and your teammates can focus on meetings without worrying about how to start them.

Your Trusted Assistant During the Meeting

Synappx Meeting becomes your meeting assistant to help you be more efficient and productive.

  • Keep track and manage meeting time.
  • Access meeting invite attachments and other files you need for your discussions.
  • Optional hands-free voice-first operation for Microsoft PowerPoint, Sharp Pen Software, and display control.

Disconnect mirroring

Disconnect web conference

Update the room calendar to free up the room for other team members

End Your Meeting on Time

When the meeting ends, Synappx Meeting helps disconnect the technologies used, allowing the next meeting to start on time.

Simplify Document Copying, Scanning & Printing

Synappx Go also helps collaboration happen anywhere and anytime with enabled displays. Your team can meet not only in a conference room but also in a huddle area or cafeteria. Even hallways can become collaboration workspaces.

View MFP features of Synappx Go

Mobile phone uses NFC tag to copy, scan and print documents on a copier

Synappx Admin Portal for Central Management

The Synappx Admin Portal allows you to track and manage Synappx Go and Synappx Meeting products from one location. Here administrators gain central control of all necessary components of Synappx Go and Synappx Meeting. Visualized data is available to give administrators insight into organizational trends.

Security is Our Number One Priority

Security is always at the forefront of Sharp’s innovative technology. With Microsoft® Azure, Office 365® technologies and security best practices, Synappx applications and services are protected by a layered security system. To learn more about the Synappx platform and security, please download our security white paper.

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Available Downloads

Synappx Go Application

Synappx Collaboration Hub Datasheet

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