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Synappx Go Collaboration: Mobile Experience Demo

Video Length - 03:22

Elyse Dinome, Sharp product specialist, demonstrates the new and improved mobile experience on our Synappx Go collaboration software. In this demo, Elyse reviews the ease of starting an in-person meeting from your phone, sharing and collaborating on cloud documents, and more! 

Video Transcription



Elyse Dinome (Product Management Specialist)
So today, I'm going to show you the new mobile experience for Synappx Go collaboration features. Right now you can see that we have full screen mode enabled. So on the left side of the screen, we have our meeting list with our QR code and pairing code for the laptop. And then on the right side we have all of our applications that are pre-selected by IT for easy access for users when they walk into the conference room.

Elyse Dinome stands in front of a Sharp display. She points to the schedule square on the left of the screen and applications square on the right side.

So I want to start my meeting today using the QR code. So if I go into the camera on my phone, I just go ahead and scan that QR code and it knows that I have a meeting within 10 minutes of this time. So it's going to go ahead and auto start that meeting for me. It reads the meeting invite knowing that I have a Teams meeting. But this also works with Zoom, GoToConnect and Google Meet.

She scans the QR code in the schedule square on the left of the screen. Synappx Go app opens on the phone with meeting details and autostarts the meeting.

We will be automatically connected with our remote audience with camera and video and once that starts now we could see our remote audience and now everything that we want to do during this meeting, we could control right from our phone.

Zoom meeting is shown on the large display. Meeting is started and there are two other participants.

So on my phone, you see, I have the meeting timer. If I want to add on more time, I have the ability to do that there there as well. Under that, I had shared a meeting attachment with my meeting invite. If I want to go ahead and access that I could go ahead, click that and it'll bring it on to the display for us.

At the top of the phone screen, there is a meeting timer with a plus button. She points to the Synappx Go powerpoint icon below.

Under there we have track pad which gives us mouse like control of the display. So if a dialog box pops up, we have control to go ahead and close that out. If there's not a mouse in the room or this isn't a touch panel, it comes in really handy.

The Trackpad button is highlighted with a blue box.

We have the access to launch pen software. Once I click that pen software button, it's going to go ahead launch it on the display and then we can go ahead and use it like normal.

The Pensoftware button is highlighted with a blue box. SHARP Pen Software is an application that allows you to annotate, take notes, draw diagrams, and more on the display for interactive collaboration.

Under those, we have the Teams controls. So I'm able to share my screen, I can turn the camera and microphone on and off and I could also adjust the volume. So I want to go ahead and share my screen. So as you can see it's sharing and now I want to go ahead and share a document.

Share screen button, camera and microphone button are highlighted with a blue box. The volume controls are also highlighted with a blue box. She selects the share screen button.

So the document that I shared in my meeting invite, I actually don't want to use, I want to use a cloud file. So if I go to that files tab at the top, I could select which file that I want to use and it's going to go ahead and download it right on to the display for me.

In the Synappx Go app, she selects the Files tab. She selects a powerpoint file from a list of recent files. The presentation opens on the large display screen.

Now, since this is a touch panel, if we do make any changes to this document, it's going to go ahead and be reuploaded to the cloud for me. If I use that meeting attachment, it's going to email those changes to me at the end.


So from here, you could see my phone screen changed into the remote control. I can go through the slides, I could put us in presentation mode and then once we're done with our changes and discussing, we could go ahead and end that meeting.

The Control tab is open on the phone app. She uses the left and right buttons to toggle between the slides, selects the meet tab, and clicks the End meeting button at the bottom.

So if I go back to the meet tab, all I have to do is press the end button and it's going to go ahead and close out my document. It ends the Teams meeting for us and it brings us right back to full screen mode.

e Powerpoint app closes on the big display and returns to full screen mode. The phone screen shows a log of past meetings.

If reset room is configured, it will go ahead and wipe out that file. So it's not saved onto the PC and it'll be like we were never there. And those are the new features for Synappx Go Collaboration.