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Transform Your Classroom with Sharp Technology

Video Length - 1:48

Sharp technology transforms classrooms into smarter workspaces, enriching learning experiences every day. The Sharp AQUOS BOARD interactive display keeps students engaged with its 4K clarity and easy device connectivity via USB-C. Teachers can quickly pull up class activities, send assignments to students' Dynabook laptops, print directly from the display and monitor student progress in real-time. 

Additionally, the convertibility feature of Dynabook laptops adds tablet flexibility, encouraging collaboration and teamwork in the classroom. Students can share answers on the board using annotation tools on a built-in whiteboard laptop app.

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Video Transcription



[intro music plays]


As a teacher, I know how important it is to keep students engaged so they benefit from each lesson.


With a Sharp AQUOS BOARD interactive display, I can bring up class activities in an instant.


If I need to access content from my device, the USB-C connector makes it easy to walk in, plug in and start working.

The teacher plugs the USB-C cable into the computer and switches the source on the AQUOS BOARD.

The 4K display provides striking contrast and visual clarity that captures the students' attention.


I can guide them through the lesson assignment and send it with just a few taps to pull up on their Dynabook laptops.

The teacher circles an area on the artwork that is currently displayed, then taps the “EShareServer” and “Whiteboard” which sends the current image to the students’ laptops.

Students can participate right from their own devices fully immersed in the lesson. I can monitor their progress in real time identifying areas where they may need assistance and ensuring everyone stays on track.

A student draws arrows on their Dynabook laptop and the same arrows appear on the AQUOS BOARD.

The optional two in one convertible feature gives their Dynabook laptop, the flexibility of a tablet, helping students work and collaborate their own way.


The students can come up to the board to share their final answers using a built-in whiteboard app with easy to use annotation tools.


Once the activity is complete, I can create new assignments to reinforce their learning and print it right from the AQUOS BOARD display.


Sharp technology can transform a classroom into a simply smarter workspace where I can create enhanced learning experiences like this every school day.