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Synappx Go Collaboration: Laptop Experience Demo

Video Length - 01:37

Elyse Dinome, Sharp product specialist, demonstrates the improved laptop experience on our Synappx Go collaboration software. In this demo, Elyse reviews the ease of starting an in-person meeting, sharing and collaborating on cloud documents, and more! 

Video Transcription



Elyse Dinome (Product Management Specialist)
So today we are going to go through the new Synappx Go laptop experience. So if I want to start from my laptop using Synappx Go, I select the meeting that I want to join. I press start.

Synappx Go tab opens on the laptop. She presses the start button.

I want to start that meeting on the display. So I'm going to hit launch on display and from there, it's going to prompt me for the code. The code is on the display. So I'm going to type that in and press OK.

She selects the Launch in display button and a pop up asks for a code to be entered. She types in the code and presses OK. Casting device is not required. The meeting room display joins the meeting.

Once I press OK, it's going to read my meeting invite. It knows that I have a Team's meeting. So it's launching Teams for me on my laptop and also on the display.

A Synappx pop up shows up on the right and the Teams meeting also pops up.

This also does work with Zoom, GoToConnect Google Meet. It automatically will go ahead and mute my microphone, my camera on my laptop.

She enters the meeting and it shows other participants.

And then from there, I'm able to control the in-room PC so I can shut off the camera of the display, control the microphone of the display and screen sharing as well.

She uses the Synappx pop up bar in order to mute, shut off the camera, and screen share.

I also have easy access to my cloud files, any files that were attached to the meeting invite.

She selects attached documents to show the different file options.

And then from there when we are completed, I could go ahead press end and it goes ahead and it closes everything out for me. It ends the meeting on the display and it'll also end the meeting on my laptop.

She clicks the End button. The Zoom closes on the laptop screen.