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Digital Signage to Enhance Public Safety

Digital Signage to Enhance Public Safety

Safety and security are the two most important priorities among transportation professionals. Public or mass transit involves greater numbers of people in one space and in emergency situations, different safety strategies need to be employed. An increasingly common and practical approach to help enhance transportation security is with digital signage. Digital signage has the ability to use video and audio messaging to feed passengers dynamic safety information in a faster, more streamlined way than static signs.

Their real-time capabilities are especially useful during emergencies. Officials can take control of displays instantly and update the content to provide information on where passengers should go (or, sometimes just as importantly, where not to go) and how to contact transit police/security. Agencies can even use them to provide live commands to assist travelers — improving the speed of communications as well as providing a safer environment for passengers.

The top two options for transit agencies looking to invest in digital signage to boost public safety and security are liquid crystal displays (LCD) and light-emitting diode (LED) displays. Both LCD and LED displays can be used effectively for public safety and security messaging, but location and budget will dictate which type of display is best for a specific installation.  Transit professionals should keep the following digital signage best practices in mind: centralized control, messaging, location, budget, and perspective.

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